Director: Aktan Arym Kubat

Writer: Aktan Arym Kubat, Ernest Abdyjaparov

(Co-)producers: OY art (KI), ASAP Films (FR), Pallas Film (GE), Volya Films (NL)

Release Date:

Partners: Netherlands Film Fund, MDM, ZDF-Arte, Medienbord Berlin-Brandenburg, Cinémas du monde, Bitters End Inc.

Length: 89 minutes

Genre: Feature Film

There’s a horse thief at large on the outskirts of Bishkek high up in the mountainous region of Kyrgyzstan’s capital. Otherwise not a lot happens in this small community that does at least boast a cinema. This is where stories of the war in Afghanistan, Bollywood fairy-tales from India or films by ex-Soviet director Tolomush Okeyev open up a window on the world. This is also where projectionist and horse thief Centaur lives with his deaf wife and young son. Theirs is a simple life and yet one that increasingly seems to fall foul of the jealously and intrigues of others. Centaur believes that the people of Kyrgyzstan themselves descend from centaurs, mythological half-human half-horse creatures, and that horses are, as he says, ‘the wings of humankind’. Unfolding in contemplative images, Kyrgyz director Aktan Arym Kubat’s film is an allegorical tale of humans, animals and nature trying to live together whilst caught between faith and superstition, modernity and tradition. As in his award-winning film The Light Thief Aktan Arym Kubat himself once again plays the leading role.

Aktan Arym Kubat (Centaur)
Nuraly Tursunkojoev (Nurberdi)
Zarema Asanalieva (Maripa)
Taalaikan Abazova (Sharapat)
Ilim Kalmuratov (Sadyr)
Bolot Tentimyshov (Karabay)
Maksat Mamyrkanov (Teit)

DoP: Khassan Kydyraliev
Editor: Petar Markovic
Costumes: Inara Abdieva
Sound Engineer: Gerben Kokmeijer
Sound Designer: Manuel Laval
Composer: Andre Matthias

Premiere Panorama Berlinale 2017