Kurai, Kurai

Kurai, Kurai is a myth in modern dress set in an unfamiliar land where the rules we know don’t apply, and characterised by a desert landscape, the wind, and above all the ever rolling ‘kurai’ (tumbleweed), which takes us on a journey into the unknown. After he finds out that his lover, Vera, is pregnant but doesn’t know by whom, Emo goes on a journey. He leaves Vera and the city, to return to the land of his birth – the land of the kurai – to find out where he comes from and where he should go. This teaches Emo to take life as it comes, and he finally understands the riddle of the kurai. He comes home to find himself, as it were.

Director: Marjoleine Boonstra
Screenwriter: Celine Linssen
Producer: Volya Films
Co-producer: OY Art
Editor: Menno Boerema
Director of photography: Goert Giltaij
Sound engineer: Diego van Uden
Sound designer: Ranko Paukovic
Composer: Harry de Wit

85 minutes



Netherlands Film Fund | Rotterdam Media Fund | Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation | MEDIA Programme | Cinema Development Fund

Febiofest IFF 2015 | Vesoul IFF 2015 | Netherlands Film Festival 2014

Guimet Prize, Vesoul Asian IFF 2015 and the Guimet National Museum of Asian Arts in Paris. 

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