Grande Hotel

Once the most luxurious hotel of Mozambique, today an improvised shelter to more than 3500 people without water and electricity: this is Grande Hotel. Inside this ghost of the past lost dreams and idle hopes tie into a story about colonial megalomania, revolutionary vanity, and the illusion of a healthy global economy.

Director & screenwriter: Lotte Stoops
Producer: Serendipity Films
Co-producer: Volya Films
Director of photography: Joao Ribeiro
Editors: Katerina Türler | Dieter Diependaele
Sound engineer: Gabriel Mondlane | Armanda Carvalho
Sound designer: Yves de Mey
Composer: Lula Pena

70 minutes



Netherlands Film Fund | The Belgian Cooperation | Canvas | Flanders Images | Flanders Audiovisual Funds | beurs | VRT

Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels 2012 | Hot Docs, Canadian International Documentary Film Festival 2011  | International Film Festival Rotterdam 2010

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