40 Days of Silence



Bibicha, a young woman living in a small Uzbek village, suddenly refuses to speak and conceals herself in the house of her aunt Khanjarmomo. Is she vowing to silence for the return of her beloved one, or is she hiding the fruit of a love consumed illicitly? Khanjarmomo worries about the fate of the women in the family as she is already taking care of her illegitimate granddaughter Sharifa, whose mother disappeared years ago. When Sharifa’s mother suddenly returns from the city, the next forty days bring back to life the past and future of this family of women whose unfortunate destinies seem to repeat every generation in an emotional curse.

Director: Saodat Ismailova
Screenwriters: Saodat Ismailova | Ulughbek Sadikov
Producer: Volya Films
Co-producers: Petit Film | Roh Films
Editors: Benjamin Mirquet | Nathalie Alonso-Casale
Director of photography: Benito Strangio
Sound engineer: Diego van Uden
Sound designer: Ranko Paukovic
Composer: Jacob Kirkegaard

88 minutes



Fonds Sud Cinéma | Ministére de la Culture et la Communication | CNC | Ministére des Affaires Etrangéres er Européennes France | Rotterdam Media Fund | World Cinema Fund | Fondation Groupama Gan pour le Cinéma | Hubert Bals Fund | Netherlands Film Fund | MEDIA Programme | Sundance Institute/ Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art Grant | Götenberg International Film Festival Fund | Global Film Initiative

Granada Cines del Sur Film Festival 2014 | Festival International du Film de la Femme 2014 | Berlinale 2014 | Götenberg

Special Jury Prize, Festival International du Film de la Femme 2014.
Golden Alhambra Award, Granada Cines del Sur Film Festival 2014.



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